MaraPlan WFM works also in English and the software is easy to deploy from the cloud as SaaS service.

Maraplan workforce management
increases the efficiency of managers work

Work shift scheduling is quick and easy and the calculation of hours for payroll is fully automated. The saving of manager’s work significant.

Improve customer service and reduce costs

Work shifts are allocated according to customer flows and working time is used as efficiently as possible. Cost savings are found when the software guides the scheduling process. In the scheduling you can set goals and monitor their implementation.

All the necessary functions for easy workforce management

  • Work shift scheduling which has been praised for ease of use
  • Vacation planning and calculation
  • The hour averaging periods and time bank management
  • The management of actual working hours which can be integrated to the working time tracking system
  • Work shift schedules and reports on hours worked, costs, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of payroll transactions which can be integrated to the payroll system

My maraplan employee web-portal

  • The shift calendar is on your computer, tablet and smart phone
  • An employee may present day off wishes
  • You can also report the changes in the actual working times
  • An employee may accept extra work shift offers made by manager
  • Manager’s workload will be reduced and the possibility of errors is reduced


Maraplan WFM can be integrated with the customer’s other IT systems for example:

  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Time tracking
  • Business Intelligence

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Maraplan workforce management program understands most common industry standards and collective labor agreements

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